Mau Jara

Whatever a human being can do on his feet, Mau can do it on his hands!

A phenomenon on the art of hand balancing, a very talented teacher and circus performer. He worked in contemporary circus companies such as Punto Muerto. He currently teaches at the Instituto Nacional de Artes do Circo in Portugal.

Luca Forte

We are still trying to understand from which planet he comes from! 

When he was 14 he was already competing within his National Gymnastics Team and, later on, performed as circus acrobat at Rasposo and Chameleon Theatre. He currently teaches handbalance and acrobatics and performs all around the world.

Tony Panaro

On his hands Tony is more stable and fixed than a statue! 

He loves to explore and find the stillness in movement. What makes him an awesome handbalancer and a lovable teacher is his care to details, refining movements and empathy. 

Tony soon became a circus artist, he studied at FLIC and is graduating at DOCH, in Stockholm,

Sam on Hands

Sam spends more time on his hands than on his feet! 

With a background in gymnastics and circus, now he travels, explores and teaches handstands around the world. He always creates a great balance between playfulness, fun and technical skills.

The following teachers were confirmed for the event in July but cannot take part to the one in September. After the covid outbreak we decided to not run hand2hand workshops for this edition and to reduce the size of the convention.

Eiaine Briant

A 360° artist! Elaine started with gymnastics and went through classical ballet, contemporary dance and piano. When she was 18 she has found her home in circus. 

She specialised in the art of hand balancing at CRAC of Lomme and Fratellini and is graduating at DOCH.

Jesse Saunders

On his hands, you cannot fall! 

Jesse started his movement path through Yoga and massage. Then he has become a skilled hand2hand acrobat and a successful teacher. He currently teaches in London and in festivals around the world.

Ben and Elli – Analogue Acrobatics

Elli and Ben are specialised in hand to hand acrobatics. Elli knows exactly what flying very high means! 

They graduated at the circus school DOCH and now they teach very skilled masterclasses all around the places. They have been performing with Kompani Giraff, Kaaos Kaamos and in Cirkus Cirkör’s new production BLOOM.

Giorgio and Virgilio – Duo Minuti

An irresistible feeling of happiness and fun when you work with Giorgio e Virgilio!
Two great artists with a wide background in circus, acrobatics and theater. Their teachings are rich in knowledge, skills and extravaganza! 

Graduated at the circus school Vertigo in Turin, now the world knows them as Compagnia Duo Minuti.

Other international teachers to be announced soon!

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