Read carefully before arriving


Please, read carefully our policy about participation, food, accommodation, deposit, cancellation and refund.


The convention ticket price covers:


  •   •  The access to each and any workshop and activity of the festival
  •   •  The membership to the Extravaganza ASD
  •   •  The sport insurance


The convention ticket price doesn’t cover:


  •   •  Food
  •   •  Accommodation
  •   •  Airport transfers


By registering you agree that:

  •   •  If you are paying the deposit the remaining quota needs to be paid at the registration desk at your arrival.
  •   •  In case of cancellation of the event you will get a full refund.
  •   •  In case of cancellation of your participation by the 9th of July, Extravaganza will hold the 30% of your deposit value (e.g. if you have deposited €250, you will get €175 back). After the 9th of July you will get no refund.
  •   •  Tickets are not transferable. 
  •   •  You have selected a sleeping preference which NEEDS to be confirmed from the accommodation management. If you have selected “Your own tent”, you don’t need to ask for any confirmation and can camp at any time.



Our meals are vegan/vegetarian, super healthy and delicious.

Participants with extensive restrictions should plan to make other arrangements for themselves as we cannot accommodate everyone perfectly.



Each participant is called to support the project with a only-1-hour shift during the whole festival. This task is not mandatory but it is highly appreciated.


Airport transfers

We are organizing some Extravaganza bus to allow people to reach the venue from Palermo and Palermo airport. More info are provided via email.


Discord channel

We recommend everyone to join, after registration, our private Discord channel.