Another way to find Balance

Extravaganza ASD was born with the intent of connecting three key points: the love for handstand, the creation of authentic relationships, and the commitment to personal growth. Handstand is primarily an individual practice. You spend so much time with yourself, going through the highest ups and the lowest downs. The whole process enables you to learn so much about yourself – and not just from a physical perspective.


It’s not merely a way to workout or fodder for your instagram, it is a beautiful, endless journey where we learn to appreciate, step by step, every little goal along our path. That’s why for many of us call handbalance is a big life teacher.  The focus of this event is to make handstand as a connector between ourselves and others. 

Starting from something that we love and that we want to learn, we can develop, improve and create relations, share experiences and knowledge, explore hidden and unknown places, welcome feelings and emotions, and rediscover the beauty of vulnerability and being human. That’s also why all the workshops and activities are designed, delivered and experienced in a safe space of creative self-expression.


Extravaganza is for people to learn and practice, to explore the world beyond their comfort zone, to have fun by creating a handbalance community and to develop our greatest handstand potential!